Singed and raw, koalas are fighting for survival in hospital as bushfires sweep across Australia

In one of Port Macquarie Koala Hospital’s intensive care units "Flame" is climbing again for the fire time in weeks.

His fur is shorter than usual and brown in parts, telltale signs of his brush with death.

The koala, nicknamed by his rescuer, was brought in with burnt paws and a burnt nose, and patches of singed fur.

For about six weeks he huddled in his basket, but now he has enough strength to painstakingly ascend the branch frames in his room. He is sleeping today.

Located almost 390km north of Sydney, the koala hospital has seen a flood of patients as Australia’s wildfire crisis takes a heavy toll on the animals and their habitat. 

As ferocious blazes have destroyed  8.4 million hectares…

Six dead in Czech hospital shooting, health minister says

Six people have been killed after a shooting at a Czech hospital, the country’s health minister has said. Police are hunting for the suspect, who remains at large.

The gunman opened fire in an outpatients waiting room, according to local media.

Czech police have said they are hunting a "dangerous armed offender" who is in a silver Renault Laguna on the registration number 9T57401.

The force initially released a photograph of a man wearing a red coat they believed to be a suspect, but minutes later they removed the picture from its social media feeds and insisted the man was a witness they wanted to talk to.

The hospital has been evacuated, as has a nearby university, according to reports. 

Aktuální informace na místě je 6 mrtvých a 2 zranění.

— Policie ČR (@PolicieCZ) December 10, 2019

Police were first called to the shooting at 7.19am on Tuesday. The first patrol arrived five minutes later at 7.24am. 

A spokesman said: "We are currently performing actions to identify the offender and ensure safety around the scene of the event."

More to follow.